13: A break from infertility: one of my all-time favorite recipes

I’m working on some more infertility-specific content, but in the meantime, let’s do another fun post.

I’m in Northwest Iowa where apparently spring will never come.  We have had all of a couple days of halfway warmer temps, just for a full-on blizzard to come through again.  And again.  Then today and the next two days are supposed to maybe even get into the 50s!  Then another snow storm over the weekend – seriously?!  My dad, the dock builder, is losing his mind.  By this time last year, he already had numerous docks in the water, but the lakes are still complete ice, so he is getting very anxious about when the ice will finally go out.  He’s super fun to be around when the weather gets cold yet again.  (Not.)

So anyways, in my sad efforts to try to cope with the suck that is this 4th winter we are in and convince myself that someday warmer weather really will come, I’m starting to bust out some of my favorite summertime recipes… many of which require grilling… in my snow boots.  But let’s not talk about that part.

I am a huge fan of trying new recipes, and most of the time I just scroll through Pinterest, saving recipes that look good.  Then when it comes time to plan our meals for the week, I go on my Pinterest and pick a few.  There is one summertime meal that we make over and over all summer long… Probably like a minimum of 4 times a month.  We love it that much.  But, you really can make it all year round.  You could even use a grill pan inside if you don’t want to trek out in the snow to the grill like I do!

The recipe is called Cilantro Lime Chicken with Avocado Salsa.  (If you don’t like cilantro, you can just leave it out.)  This pin is from a website called Joyful Healthy Eats… Yep, it’s even good for you!  It’s also friendly for Paleo and Gluten free diets, and it really doesn’t take very long either.

For the chicken, all you need is: chicken breast, lime juice (I like to use fresh limes), olive oil, cilantro, cumin, and salt.  For the avocado salsa, you need: avocados, more cilantro, more lime juice, red wine vinegar (I’ve used other kinds of vinegar when I don’t have red wine vinegar on hand, and it is just fine!), red pepper flakes, garlic, and salt.

Seriously all you do is put the chicken ingredients in a ziplock bag, and let them hang out for a while so the chicken can soak up all those yummy flavors.  Then you grill the chicken.  While the chicken is grilling, all you do is mix the salsa ingredients together – I like to leave my avocados kind of chunky, and I also add some cumin to the avocado mix.  Then you just serve the chicken with the avocado salsa.  I put mine right on top of the chicken.  We usually serve this with a side or sweet corn cake or something similar (and I usually put that in the oven while the chicken is marinating so it is baked by the time the chicken is done).  We also adjust the recipe to make less since it’s just me and my husband right now.  This is one of those recipes where the measurements are just suggestions, and you can add as much or as little of each thing as you like.

I’m also a big fan of trying a recipe the way it is written once and then making my own customizations to fit how we like it best!  So we change up the salsa sometimes too.

The link to the original post and full recipe is below.  Try it out, and let me know what you think!


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